The Brand Bible


  • The perfect file format is a web-optimised JPG*.
    This free service can help you create these:
  • The perfect file size is between 100KB and 300KB, or less.
  • The perfect image size is a minimum of 700 x 700 pixels.
  • The perfect number of images is 3 or more.
  • Oh and one more thing, if you could prefix the names of your photos with your brand name e.g, shop-the-brands-IMG097.jpg it will help us keep things organised as well as help your visibility on Google Image search!

Obviously if your images can be cropped to squares that would be ideal, but we understand that it’s not always convenient to do this. If you are only able provide landscape or portrait imagery to us please try to ensure your product is in the centre of the frame and there is a decent margin around it. This will help avoid the product being cropped when it appears in a square.

* What is this? A web-optimised image uses a thing called lossy compression to shrink images to the minimum possible size while keeping the required level of quality.


Please feel free to download our logo to use across your social media streams:

Click to download the JPG logo
Click to download the PNG logo
Click to download the SVG logo (super high res). Zipped.


  • Instagram: shop_the_squares
  • Twitter: @ShopTheSquares
  • Facebook: @shopthesquares

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